Thanks for the help yesterday with the doorbell button information. I realized during our conversation that it’s coming up next month to the end of two years since we closed on our home in July 2015. I have been meaning to write a thank you note for all that you did for us during the construction of our home but as president of my local procrastinator society, I just never got around to it. Besides, we always saw each other frequently as you continued to build homes in Arbor Meadows. I see that you only have a few left to finish up out there, at least in the middle section. I suspect you will have a few more in the final back section. We don’t go down into that part of the neighborhood on our daily doggie walks.

I recall the first time we saw the house we purchased. It was just the framing with electrical in place but with the floor plan we got from your website, we had an idea of what the layout would be for the one story house. The key for us was that it had 10 acres and a great view from the back yard. I don’t know if you knew how much we ‘investigated’ Blue Ribbon, but just to be sure we wanted to get one of your housed, we took a tour of several of the your available homes listed on your website. We liked the layout of the houses but it was the workmanship that was clearly visible to us. What we liked most was the fact that we were going to be able to pick colors, flooring, roofing, brick, and appliance or other upgrades, I noticed today on the website that you now have virtual tours of some of the homes. That must be the Info Tech in you. Very nice.

We decided to go ahead and make the purchase. The day after our offer was accepted, you called. Time to pick out brick and roofing. From that point on it was almost daily contact, getting it all put together the way we wanted. We really appreciated your effort, always taking my calls and willing to work with us and answer any questions we had. I really appreciated your effort to keep us up to date on progress. That helped us a lot in knowing when we had to close and pack up our household goods and move into our new home.

We have purchased 7 homes over the past 20 years and by far this was the most fun and easiest to get done; it was because of you. For almost everything we asked, you made it happen. It was only when we got a little bit too excited wanting to make some early on construction changes that you had to rein us in.

Since we closed, it has been very comforting to know that if we had any problems, I knew I could call and it would get done. I recall when the well head started to leak underground and it was bubbling up, you said you would get the installer out to the house the next day, but when you called back, they told you they would come out that day. That demonstrated how well you worked with your subcontractors and I have always appreciated the fact I could count on you to get me an answer or results. By the way, the yard light that I thought perhaps you had installed at our neighbors house, another home Blue Ribbon had built, was done by OGE according to the owner. Thanks for referring me to them as they helped me get to the right people at OGE and we now have a yard light down by the road.

Thanks friend, for all that you did for us to get us into our home and for helping us long after the deal was done. We really appreciate it. Go Thunder!.
The Morrisons

The Morrison Family

Norman, OK

We purchased our home from Blue Ribbon Construction in October 2014. This was our fifth home purchase over several years, and by far the best experience from start to finish! From the day we closed, to move in, to minor touch-ups afterward was nothing short of spectacular!! Phone calls were returned immediately and minor repairs were done ASAP if not the same day. Being new to the area, Brett has given us advice and recommendations and we are still in contact today. He still follows up with us to see how we are doing, how the house/lawn is coming along, and just genuinely cares about our happiness in a Blue Ribbon Home. Mike and Brett take great pride in their homes and all the employees we came into contact with were so polite, respectful, and knowledgeable. We finally found our dream home and can’t thank Blue Ribbon enough for a superb job!! Well done!

The Kramer Family

Norman, OK

We saw the listing for the home we ended up purchasing, but pushed it aside because it was in Guthrie and we wanted to be in Edmond School District. So we continued our search for several more grueling months, to no avail. We didn’t have to move at the time, so we were just waiting patiently for the home that fit us perfectly, was in our budget and was meant to be ours. The home we ended up purchasing resurfaced in our search and we thought we should just at least go look at it; what could that hurt? It was the last home on our list of 5 or 6 that we had looked at in an afternoon with our realtor. Once we walked inside, we knew instantly that this home was going to be “the one” for us. It had all of the “nuts and bolts” that we required and we knew that it had great potential for us to grow and expand our family. The icing on the cake was when we found out it was in Edmond School District!
Kori Hall, the builder’s agent was phenomenal! We seriously cannot say enough good things about her! We did have our own realtor, but from the beginning, we would contact Kori directly with questions or requests that we had and she was always so quick to get back to us with an answer or solution. Even better, she followed through on what she said she would do or gave us updates on the progress of whatever it was we had asked her. She didn’t have to do that. She didn’t “work” for us; we had our own agent.
One of our requests was to have the back portion of the wooded lot cleared. That was done a day or two after our request was approved, before we even closed on the home! There were a couple of things that were noted on the inspection report and those were fixed in a proper, quality way; not just with a Band-Aid and some paint. That was something we really appreciated; that the builder took the extra time to properly “right a wrong”. When we closed on the home, we got to meet the builder for the first time, Brett. He gave us a bunch of helpful information about the home and gave us a list of points of contact if we ever needed anything. He arranged a meeting at our home with the septic company to come teach us how to use/maintain the septic system {which was so helpful to us since we had never had a septic system before} at no charge to us. We ended up putting a UV light filtration system on our well by the company that installed it and that company was great too!! It is nice to know that Blue Ribbon chose quality sub-contractors that help us rest at ease knowing that everything about our new home was treated as if it was their own personal home. Brett is a down-to-earth, trustworthy, personable guy and we genuinely felt like he cared about us and our new home just as he would his own family. We feel like we can contact him or anyone at Blue Ribbon at any time should we have any questions or concerns. We feel like the only thing we could have done better was to build the home with Blue Ribbon from the get go.
When it’s time for us to move again, we will definitely be calling Kori Hall first and then Blue Ribbon! We cannot say enough good things about the both of them. We absolutely LOVE our new home and can’t wait to see the memories we will make in it! If you are in the market for a new home, you really need to call Kori! She’s the best!!”

The Phillips Family

Edmond, OK

“My wife and I bought a Blue Ribbon home last September, 2014. We were new to the area and didn’t know anyone we could contact to help us beautify our new home inside and out. We leaned heavily on the advice Mike Shadix, the owner of Blue Ribbon, and his son, Brett. They welcomed our questions and gave us sound solutions to our needs.

Mike and Brett have made our buying experience a great one! They continue to this day to assist us when the need arises.

Thank you!”

Terry and Sharon Holland

Oklahoma City OK

It has been a year since we first met and I cannot begin to thank you and Blue Ribbon Construction enough for your kindness, professionalism, and patience. We toured the home we eventually ended up buying during a tumultuous time in our lives. We were in Oklahoma settling a loved one’s estate, preparing for two children to go to college, and knew there was a chance we would move back to Oklahoma very soon as I was retiring from the military. We had no idea how quickly things would move as I was hired for a job in Oklahoma City and we sold our home in Virginia all within a week. We called about our future home and were fortunate it was still available. We like to say the stars were aligned in this life transition as we moved to our choice location and found a wonderfully crafted dream home. But our fortune was even better as Blue Ribbon was more than patient as we had to wait for the VA to clear up some clerical problems. We cannot say enough how grateful we are to have met you, befriend you, and were able to buy a beautiful Blue Ribbon Home. It felt like more than a business transaction, it was a wonderful welcome back to Oklahoma pride and kindness.”

The Simmons Family

Oklahoma City OK

“We came in to contract on our home when it was right at the sheetrock stage. Brett accommodated us from just about every aspect of the choices in the home from wood floors to built in appliances. He was always available to answer questions and remedy issues as they arose. We cannot be happier with our new home and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have teamed up with a builder that truly cares about our happiness and has pride in what they build. Having been in the home for a few months now we could not be more satisfied with the efficiency and overall quality of the home. A well deserved thank you to the Blue Ribbon team.”

The Binkley Family

Oklahoma City OK

Selling a new construction home can often times be an exhausting experience; however we have sold several Blue Ribbon homes and it has been a smooth process for not only our buyers, but for us as well. From negotiations to closing it was a simple and enjoyable experience. Our buyers have all been happy with the process and the final product, which is a well built home and quality craftsmanship. The Blue Ribbon Construction team are all men of integrity who stand by their word. Thanks again for being one of the best builders out there! We hope to sell many more of your homes in the future!

The Patterson Group – Metro First

Edmond, OK

Brett & The Entire Blue Ribbon Construction Team,

We would like to personally thank-you Brett and your team for a wonderful experience and a first class, beautiful and quality built home. We are an Air Force family of 27 years and have purchased and or rented many homes throughout our tours. We recently moved to Oklahoma and bought a Blue Ribbon home is December of 2014. The experience and professionalism we had with Brett & Blue Ribbon Construction far exceeded any others for the price, bar none! The home is absolutely beautiful with great pride and detail in ever aspect. We were instantly impressed with the craftsmanship of their work and the one-on-one attention they gave to us as potential clients. But, what most impressed us were the things that came standard in their home, things that other home builders charged an arm and leg for as upgrades. From day one, Brett & his team did everything in their power to let us know that their number one goal was our 100% satisfaction. And, it didn’t stop there. Once we were in our home, Brett was always available to answer our questions and was in constant contact to see how we were settling in to our new home. It was very clear to us from the beginning that Blue Ribbon Construction is a family owned business that cares about families. We love everything about our new home! We couldn’t be happier with the quality, service and attention to detail and would recommend Blue Ribbon Construction to anyone who is looking to build or purchase the home of their dream, they certainly made ours come true. Try the Blue Ribbon team and get ready to experience world-class service from ground break to delivery of the keys. Thanks Brett!

The Leemon Family

Oklahoma City, OK

“We had OG+E come out today to do one of their free energy efficiency audits. They tested the windows, doors, etc., with a vacuum testing unit and had a look at the attic insulation. They said the house exceeded their standard for energy efficiency—so thanks, Mike!”

Philip Nice

Moore OK 76564

“I can not state how wonderful Blue Ribbon Construction has been! The house is built with the utmost consideration in space and efficiency!! We love our home more than our old home that cost $100,000 dollars more! Great home and cost effective. Definitely exceeded our expectations!! Thanks guys!”

Snider Family

Edmond OK 73034

“I wanted to thank you for everything including the added storm shelter!! What a surprise!! You have been wonderful and I am making sure to tell everyone I come a cross to check Blue Ribbon Construction out for their next home. Once again, thank you and your family.”


Norman OK 73034

“Blue Ribbon Construction is a great builder which creates an extraordinary value for their buyers. Both Mike and Brett are very
professional and knowledgeable when going over the construction of your home as well as the timelines during the building process.
David is a top-notch superintendent the buyer can rely on if they have any questions about the costs of materials when considering any
possible upgrades. Upgrades or not, Blue Ribbon Construction builds a great home at an even greater value.”

Rick & Janet

Edmond OK 73013

“Have I told you, We love our house!! We lost electric due to storm Tuesday. For 40 hours no a/c. House only got up to 76 degrees in August! Great insulation. Hope u 2 are good!”

Bobby Dyer

Oklahoma City OK 78323

“Mike built our custom home over 15 years ago, and we still love it! He could not have been more accommodating, considerate and friendly, as he worked with us to build our first home. It was a wonderful experience because he made sure it was so, and because of this, we would use him again. We get calls all the time wondering if we would like to sell our house! For a guaranteed pleasurable building experience, call Mike!”

David and Sarah Sutton

Oklahoma City OK 78433

We bought our house from Mike Shadix in January 1991 in Wilshire Ridge Addition. It was essentially completed — lacking some inside details. Mike was very helpful to Hanna in telling her where she could find light fixtures, wallpaper, etc.

The house is sound and suits our needs very well. There have been some occasions where I called Mike for information regarding the plumbing and other matters and he has been gracious to provide answers — even though he had gotten out of the construction business for awhile.

We have found Mike and Vanessa to be honest, reliable, good friends and interested in helping the buyer in making decisions.

Best Regards!

Herb and Hannah Rodden

Oklahoma City, OK 73132

“My home is currently being built in Triple Crown Meadow. Mike has answered all of my questions in detail from day one and it has been a completely pleasurable experience. I have comparedfloorplans and features of other builders and find Triple Crown Meadow to provide a superior value. I visit my future home often and the environment is always peaceful and quiet. I have also found different times of day reveal a different beauty in the landscape and the breeze is always magnificent. After talking with Mike on several occasions I am convinced that he is passionate about his work and his top priority is making sure that his buyers have a positive experience and love their homes. I have no doubt that when my home is complete it will be a well-built, quality home in a wonderful community.”


Guthrie, OK 73044

“When we were looking for a builder ten years ago we were very fortunate to select Mike Shadix. His years of experience in building houses and dealing with the needs and wants of families makes him very knowledgeable about floor plans. He gave us several good ideas when we were designing ours. Mike was very easy to work with.”

Max and Linda

Oklahoma City, OK

“I have known Mike Shadix for approximately 15 years. During that time he has helped me build and sell approximately fifty plus homes. Mike is a very honest, hard working and knowledgeable…I would highly recommend Mike.”

Gene Furnish

Edmond, OK

I can “highly” recommend Mike as a quality home builder. For 15 years (1976 – 1991) he and I worked together for Newman Homes – he as a partner and me as the bookkeeper/secretary. He was diligent in checking the quality of work of the sub-contractors; and, he always made sure the buyer was a happy, satisfied customer.

In the years since, I have also observed the quality of the homes he and Vanessa built when he became the “builder.” Mike is extremely competent and conscientious, as is Vanessa – I would recommend their homes to anyone.
Mappy Schmitt, Comptroller (retired)
The Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Mappy Schmitt

Oklahoma City OK

I purchased a Mike Shadix home in the Warwick West Housing addition in North Oklahoma City in 1994. It has been a wonderful home for my family. Solid construction and beautiful amenities. Mike and Vanessa are very easy people to work with and genuinely eager to please. I would recommend the Shadix to anyone building a new home and would most definitely use them again if I ever built another home.

Beverly Johnson

Oklahoma City OK 73162

“I presently live in a home which the Shadix built for me approximately 15 years ago. I have been extremely happy with my trouble-free home. Both Vanessa and Mike are honest, dependable, and easy to work with.”

Betty Duhme

Oklahoma City, OK

“I have never been so happy as I was in the house Mike and Vanessa built for me on Parkland Place. I would still be there today if my health had allowed.”

Margaret Ann Howard

Oklahoma City, OK

Mike built a house for my husband, Patrick, and I when we first married in 1999. Our experience with Mike as a builder was nothing less than extraordinary. We were so fortunate to have chosen Mike to build our home. The greatest compliment I believe would be that our home sold to the first person who looked at it for 98% of the asking price. Mike pays so much attention to detail and works with good subcontractors. We noticed throughout our building process, as we looked at other builder’s homes under construction, that ours far exceeded ordinary standards, whether framing, sheetrock, finish work, all the way to wallpaper. We would recommend Mike Shadix to anyone considering a home in Triple Crown Meadow. We still call the home Mike built us “the cute house” and reminisce often about it and our great back porch. We truly believe Mike sets a standard for others to follow. We wish Mike and Vanessa the best in this new venture and feel Oklahoma City is fortunate to have him back building quality homes.

Sally and Patrick Glenn

Guthrie, OK 73044

“Mike and Vanessa built our first home when we moved to Oklahoma City in 1992, and the experience was wonderful. My wife was pregnant at the time, and Vanessa was wonderful in helping with all the details; we loved our home! Due to military orders we were only in the house 19 months, but when we looked to build again in 2000, we contacted Mike and Vanessa to see if they would be interested, however at that time they were not building homes. We definitely would have talked with them again. Our experiences with the Shadix’s have been very positive.”

Dave and Karen Greer

Edmond, OK

Building a home with Mike and Vanessa was a very pleasant experience. I was single at the time and was uncertain about the entire building process. Mike was very patient and with his expert guidance we decided on a perfect house plan. I never had trouble communicating with Mike and Vanessa. They always returned phone calls promptly and kept me updated with what was happening next. My home was completed on schedule and Mike and Vanessa were available after the sale to make sure that everything pleased me.

Mike and Vanessa are very honest and caring individuals. They use quality materials and build a beautiful home for the best price.

I can truly say that building a home with them was fun!

Jane A.

Oklahoma City, OK

Mike and Vanessa built a house for us in 1992 in Warwick West. It was a pleasure working with them. They made our experience building a house a lot of fun. We lived in that house for 13 years and never had any problems. I would highly recommend them and know they will do a great job and wish them much success.

Tim and Patti Jones

Oklahoma City, OK 73162

“My husband and I were one of the first to buy a home from Mike when he first went out on his own. We built our home in the Summit Place addition at NW 122 and Rockwell, OKC in 1989. Mike was very hands on during the homebuilding process and always available to answer our countless questions. He made homebuilding (something with a reputation for being an endless series of headaches) an exciting adventure. If we wanted to make changes, Mike found a way to accommodate us with minimal disruption to the building process. He built our 2200+ square foot home in 89 days! Mike and Vanessa are kind, caring and compassionate people who will not build you a house, they will build you a home.”

Melinda Johnson

Oklahoma City, OK

“We are smiles because we are very pleased with how everything is going (plus we are very smiley people anyway) 🙂 The house looks great and you and your team have been a real pleasure to work with and very responsive to the 1,000’s of questions that we’ve had. We endorse building with Mike Shadix in Triple Crown Meadow!”

Jonathan and Candice Forte

Guthrie, OK 73044

“Mike, I can’t believe it! How are we so blessed to be working with you and your team?! My wife really, really wanted cherry and I wanted her to have it yet you have already bent over backwards for us and I hated to demand anything, especially something so difficult to fix. It was just an honest mistake from an honest painter and how could I push you or him or demand anything like this? Then I get a call from your painter, and I tell you he is cut out of the same cloth as you, like all your contractors, it seems. What a team you have–these guys are Oklahoma’s best, I think he was genuine and completely honest, and a man that I knew cared about quality work. He apologized and took full responsibility, which I was impressed by. And he didn’t try to push any solution on us. He offered to re-do all the outer portions and to do a coat on the inner portions to make it match, and we agreed and were very thankful he was willing to go through the extra work to make it right! He is a good man and a good painter; my wife was really impressed as well and so thankful. And he mentioned that you were willing to replace all the cabinets if it came to that!!! That is so impressive to us. Yes we really needed the cabinets to be right, but the fact that you were willing to do that still amazes us, because it sounds like you were each willing to do make it right on your own dime. I can’t tell you how amazed we’ve been with this whole experience. It’s been so much more than just getting a place to live!”

Philip and Adar

Edmond, OK 73034

To the entire Blue Ribbon family,

Thank you so much for all of the hard work your team put into making our house. We love this house and all the work and dedication has not gone unnoticed. This is our dream home and I know God brought us here and we feel blessed to have your company in a piece of that blessing. We wish you all the best and again we truly appreciate all that you’ve done to make our hopes and dreams into reality. Thank you!

The Buchanan Family

Purcell, OK

We have been in our new home for almost a year now and we couldn’t be happier! You can’t beat the views here in Crestview Farms and the schools are top notch! Mike and his team have been so professional and just phenomenal to work with. We feel like we couldn’t have made a better choice in finding our forever home!

Jimmy and Heather A.

Purcell, OK