Below is some information regarding some of the most commonly asked questions we are asked during the buying process, as well as during construction of a new home. Check back often as we update our Frequently asked questions!

If we were to decide to build a home with Blue Ribbon, how long does it take you to build?

It generally takes us five to six months to build a home. Construction times vary depending on the area, the weather, and many other factors. We tell families to count on six months and let us surprise you!

What if I have a home to sell?

No problem! It takes us five to six months to build a home, so you will have plenty of time to get your home listed and sold. We just ask that families keep us apprised as best they can in regards to the sale process.

Do you build on other people’s land?

Unfortunately we can’t build on other people’s property at this time. We keep several homes going around Metro and have an agreement with our construction lenders that we will stay in our subdivisions and not put our labor and materials on land that we don’t own.

Do you take trade ins or will you sell my home for me?

Unfortunately we cannot do either. Our company is set up to only work with new construction, so trade in’s will not work as part of our business model. We try to be the best value in the State in a new home with a great warranty, so it is important to us that we focus all of our time and attention on daily tasks associated with keeping our business running smoothly. Marketing and selling pre-existing homes is unfortunately something we cannot assist with at this time.

Can you tell me what types of amenities that come in your homes standard?

Sure. We just recently published amenities specification sheets for each neighborhood. Check towards the bottom of each neighborhood page and look for “View the Amenities Sheet” section. This is a basic overview of the amenities offered in each area. They are subject to change from time to time.

If we brought you a floor plan, could you build it for us?

Unfortunately we cannot build other floor plans. Our company is structured to build several homes each year, so in order to make our business model work, we have to stay with our floor plans and cannot build custom homes.

Are land/lot prices included in your pricing on the internet?

Yes. Land and lots are always included in our pricing. We procure the land/lot as part of the construction loan process. Once construction is complete we deed the land and home at funding/closing.

Do you include appliances standard in your homes?

Yes, we include dishwasher, disposal, OTR space saver microwave, range/cooktop. We do not include refrigerators, washing machines, or dryers. Gas or electric service, color, and style of appliances vary depending on the subdivision.

Do you include garage door openers in your homes?

No we do not as part of our standard. There are various brands and differences, so rather than supplying them standard we prefer to leave it up to each family to make the choice regarding openers. Examples are different types (belt drive or chain drive), quality (Whisper Drive, MyQ technology, wifi capable), speeds (1/2 or 1 horsepower). We can provide high quality openers upon request. Ask us for details.

Do you include shutters on your homes? Some families like shutters and some prefer not to have them. Again many styles, materials, and colors to choose from. We try to keep things, so can provide a standard shutter upon request.

Do you include ceiling fans in your homes?

Sure, we provide ceiling fans in the living room and master bedroom. We include them standard in flex room and studies where applicable. Secondary bedrooms do not include fans, but they can be installed upon request.