Family. Know the meaning.

Family. Have you ever thought about that word? It’s a word that can mean many different things to a person. It does not always mean the same thing in every situation. Family could mean that it’s the people that surround you and that you are around simply because they are your blood; therefore, tying you to them in some way. Does this mean that you have the best relationships or that you are intentional to spend time with them? Maybe so; Maybe not.

Family could also be those people that you choose to be around, that you choose to do life with. The ones that have no blood relation at all, but have many things in common, so it’s a usually a great time every time you are together. This family is usually the family that you fight for time with; you make it a priority because it’s a choice.

Then there are other types of family. Work family, church family, gym family, sports family, and about a hundred other types of family…you get the point. Family is everywhere. It encompasses our lives and creeps in when we least expect it. Whatever you think about this word and the meaning behind it, there will be some impact on your life.

At Blue Ribbon, we have found our meaning behind family. It means knowing exactly who is apart of it and fighting daily to make sure that we don’t take them for granted. We build our homes with our family in mind. From the details in the plans on the layout, ceiling height, location, schools, and right down to the spacing of furniture placement once the home is finished. We want our homes to be of great quality and value. We know that purchasing a home is most likely the largest investment that a person will make in their lifetime and we want it to be of great return. We want them to find a place that they can call home and begin, themselves, to find their meaning behind the word FAMILY.